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What does the travel package “per person on twin sharing basis” mean?

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If it says a deluxe room costs 2000 per person on twin sharing basis, does that mean that if I pay 2000, I get a room for myself for a night which I can share with my wife? Can I buy a cheap airline ticket with twin share?

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  1. In my experience it means the room cost 4000 if you share with someone then your half is 2000 if you don’t share then you pay the whole rate.

  2. Typically 2000 is for each person sharing basis means you have to have 2 to get the rate there will be a surcharge in addition to your 2000 if your wife doesnt go and pay her 2000.

    Go and price it all the way online if you are not sure - just dont give CC num till you are sure

  3. Actually it will cost you 4,000.

    Per person on twin-sharing basis means that the rate is for one person but two people are expected in that room. For instance, if you are traveling alone, then they will put another person in the room with you.

  4. no, it would be 4000…2000 per person in a shared room (probably with twin beds)

  5. No, it means that you and your wife spend 2000 each and get a twin room for 4000.

    There would be an extra supplement on top of the 2000 if you were on your own or you may end up sharing with a random punter if you didn’t pay the supplement. For example if may cost 3000 on your own, check the brochure to see if it mentions single room supplement.

    However as your going with your wife its 2000 each.

  6. ..OWOW, ur a nub :p

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